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Careers Education and Guidance

We are committed to ensuring all students are fully supported and guided through the process of planning their futures. With a full-time careers professional and a programme of education, information, advice and guidance for all students from Years 7 -13, we believe our students are well-prepared for their futures. All staff at Whitmore High School play an active role in preparing them. We have a varied programme of careers education that is delivered through PSHCE, special events, enrichment programmes, visits, trips and assemblies and also within individual departments and during form time. We are committed to following The Gatsby Benchmarks which underpin the Department for Education’s Careers Strategy.

 All students will:

  • Learn about careers and have access to labour market information.
  • Receive career guidance that addresses the individual needs of each student.
  • Learn about careers through the curriculum.
  • Experience encounters with employers and employees.
  • Have first-hand experience of workplaces.
  • Have encounters with further and higher education.
  • Receive personal guidance


Examples of our Careers Programme


Access to career books in the library and careers staff for any questions

“Dragons’ Den” activity in PSHCE led by the Business department, introducing students to the world of business and enterprise


1:1 careers advice and GCSE Options guidance meeting

Using the Kudos diagnostic programme in PSHCE lesson prior to making decisions about GCSE


Small group careers meetings with our careers consultant to discuss an introduction to post-16 options.

University visits e.g. Engineering at Brunel


Work experience programme: one-week work experience and PSHCE preparation for work experience

Job interview experience days


Information and guidance to Year 11 on post-16 applications and choices.

Advice and support on applying for  apprenticeships


UCAS programme including University Fair and visiting speakers

Advice and support on applying for apprenticeships, including degree apprenticeships

Work experience programme for vocational (BTEC) students

Spring and Summer schools e.g. Oxbridge, Medicine, Sutton Trust

Here are some useful links to websites and publications to help students, parents and carers plan their next steps.

  1. It's your choice: A guide for students
  2. Students' Guide to Apprenticeships
  3. Parents' Guide to Apprenticeships
  4. National Apprenticeship Application Website
  5. Students' Guide to University
  6. Parents' Guide to University
  7. UCAS university application website
  8. Labour market information: Information about training, skills and pay rates for different jobs

  9. Other useful websites:

    • – This is the Government’s hub for careers advice for people of all ages where you can find help with drafting letters, CVs, exploring your skills or seeking careers advice.

    • – gives clear and comprehensive information about a range of Career Zones (sectors), in an easy to access format. Students can create a profile to help to collate useful information. ’60 second interviews’ giving profile of professionals, providing a useful insight into specific careers. This website also provides CV templates​.

    • – investigate careers, watch videos and get great advice, find out about employers and work experience opportunities in your area.

    • – video based job profile information and skills explorer tool.

    • – opportunities that exist outside of university.

    • – represents 24 leading universities, source of careers information & advice including ‘informed choices’ a downloadable guide to making post 16 choices.

    • – find out which areas you could access after a particular degree and provides job profiles​.

    • – allows student to explore careers within the NHS with a really good quiz to find out what careers students may be suited to.

    • – this site has useful videos, demonstrating how to complete the online applications for many top companies in the UK, as well as providing detailed information on salaries and interviews. Applications forms can be printed off directly from this site.

    •  – lots of information about specific sectors as well as advice on how to create a CV and prepare for interviews.

Our knowledgeable Careers Team are located in the Learning Resource Centre where there is also a wide range of careers literature -  pamphlets, brochures, books, websites - for students to read.

For more information, or to book a personal consultation, please contact our Careers team:


Telephone: 0

Careers Team:

Ms V. Sullivan / Mr A. Newton - Careers Coordinator (available from Monday to Friday in the library – drop in sessions at break and lunch)
Ms K. McDonnell - Careers Consultant (available on Mondays, Tuesdays and alternate Thursdays)

Mr D Topley -  Assistant Headteacher i/c Careers