Our story began in June 2009 at an exciting Boston-based educational travel company. Not just another day for Victoria but a chance moment that would change their lives forever. It was the day of Rene's big job interview at NETC, a company that had attracted the two travel bugs right out of college. It just so happened that Victoria's desk was closest to the elevators so when it was time to welcome and greet new hires, hers was the smiling face at the opening doors. As soon as those elevators doors parted, Rene immediately was taken aback and thought, "this must be a good sign."

They soon became inseparable friends and confidants, sharing afternoon coffee breaks to talk about their next destination, dreams and plans to travel. 

"I immediately felt a connection, a bond with Rene. He is smart in a non-traditional way, witty and charismatic, and always made me laugh even after the longest days."

"She is obviously beautiful and I immediately knew she was someone I wanted to get to know better. As I got to know her, I was drawn in because of her appreciation of family, endless bounds of positivity and energy, also her loyalty to those closest to her. I just always wanted to be around her and quickly realized she was the one I didn't want to spend my life without."

Sparks were definitely flying but the relationship didn't unfold until a year later. Following back-and-forth sales contests, late night call hours and trips to Europe + Costa Rica - Rene took the leap forward and asked Victoria out on an official date. After a delicious Italian dinner in Boston's North End, and Rene accidentally leaving his wallet at home (which is her favorite part of the story to tell) they both knew that this was the beginning of something special.

In the Fall of 2012, as an epic winter was looming, they decided to join their households by moving in together to an apartment in Somerville. Animal-lovers that they are, in Dec 2013 they expanded their family +1 by adopting an adorable little puppy, naming him Rusty after Rene's many Starbucks mispronunciations and relinquishment to using that pseudo name. 

Ultimately, it was this same special time of year that following Christmas that Rene planned to propose. A romantic at heart - he had a special morning wakeup call planned that led to the best Christmas ever when Victoria woke up to their puppy Rusty, with a big red ribbon and ring tied around his neck. Through tears of joy, she of course said yes!

On this very special day, Rene and Victoria got to share their wonderful news in-person with friends and family visiting for Christmas dinner. The rest they say, is history!



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